December Special Release Rundown: Part 2

The last special release presale of the year is KILLER, you guys. Seriously, we’re going full Emeril Lagasse up in this piece with one final BAM for 2020, A.K.A part 2 of December's special releases. We're garnishing this very interesting year with a sprinkle of extra deliciousness, including rad collabs, new takes on old favorites, IPA magic (like our first-ever IPA 6-pack & a black IPA), and intensely decadent stout magic. Let us commence this tasty last hurrah for a year we shall not soon forget, though we may wish to rather intensely.

First up: Forgotten Landscapes Aged in Madeira Barrels w/ Black Splendor Plums. Each time our special projects peeps breathe new life into this collaborative brew with the folks at Burial Beer Co. (out of Asheville, NC), they seem to raise the already-substantially-high bar. This wonderfully funky saison was born of a blend of California, Oregon, and North Carolina craft malts, which was injected with a blend of mixed cultures, Juice yeast, and Burial house yeast. That concoction was then housed in Madeira (a fortified wine known for its caramel, hazelnut, & orange peel character) for 2 whole years before being racked onto 1200lbs of Black Splendor plums (actually described as “unforgettable” by some growers & known for their tartness) from Sunny Cal Farms. The finished beer is delightfully fruity, sour, and beautifully underscored by toasty, rich notes from the barrels. 

Black Splendor Plums


Get ready to be gobsmacked (in a good way) by Wolfdream. At 6.2%, this incredibly crushable IPA began with a malt bill of  2 Row, white wheat, malted oats, and gentle touch of Golden Naked Oats. Our brew-wizards then opted for the classic hop combo of Citra, Centennial, & Simcoe, creating a titillating balancing act of citrus punch and pleasant, subtle bitterness. This made for an ultra-refreshing haze boi that can go from BBQ companion to fireside sipping at the drop of a hat. It’s also the first IPA we’ve ever packaged in 6-packs of 12oz cans, so that's pretty exciting.

Sooooo, we made a black IPA, and we’re calling it Doomblade. For the uninitiated, this style borrows from the dark & light side of beer, offering the roasty goodness and dark coloring of a maltier brew juxtaposed with the bright, floral, and/or piney hop character typical of your classic IPA. For our take, we loaded this slightly roasted cascadian dark ale with Chinook, Cascade, & Simcoe hops in the boil, Citra & Cascade in the whirlpool, PLUS Citra, Simcoe, & Galaxy in the dry-hop. It boasts an SRM of 75--which falls in the imperial stout range--and pours DARK, but at 6.66% (heh), it’s actually downright refreshing with a massively pleasant hop character.



If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you’ll recognize Neverwhere. For its glorious return, we’ve amped up the hops. Allow us to present: Neverwhere Dry-Hopped with Nelson. Whether you’re looking for a blast from the past or want to learn about the humble beginnings of this liquid delight, we’d advise checking out Mike Tonsmiere’s write up on the matter from back in 2013. This super unique 100% Brett-fermented IPA has a Pilsner base, with some white wheat and carafoam to back it up. We treated it to 1 lbs/bbl of Nelson in the whirlpool, plus another 3 lbs/bbl dry-hopped. It pours a light orange hue with a crispy white head, with tropical aromatics that hit you right in the face. It’s light-bodied with a soft bitterness, pineapple and white wine grape notes up front, then hints of orange, strawberry, lingering mango, and hint of brett funk at the end. It’s just delightful.

We’re shifting into the decadent gear for Central Finite Curve. We teamed up with our dear friends at Bottle Logic Brewing to create some liquid magic. Legend has it, our Anaheim Head Brewer, Keith, sheds a tear every time a can is cracked. The base consists of Simpsons Best Pale Ale Malt, with a menagerie of different supporting malts: flaked oats, caramunich, crystal T50, melanoidin malt, caraaroma, blackprinz, dark chocolate, and pale chocolate malt. We recirculated 80 lbs (about 2.5 lbs/ bbl) of freshly toasted cocoa for 4 days, followed by 150 lbs (about 5 lbs/ bbl) of roasted peanuts for 4 days, AND THEN 600 lbs (about 20 lbs/bbl) of shredded, toasted coconut for 3 days. It pours inky black with a gloriously chocolate-brown head, and greets the lucky drinker with intense aromas of coconut and peanut. Boasting a viscous body with a creamy, velvety mouthfeel and mad candy bar vibes, this is a beer we would seriously advise gifting yourself with this holiday season.

To top off this stupendous end-of-year lineup, we have Cosmic Silence. Our Belmont brew-wizards tried their collective hand at blending, and the results are nothing short of jaw-dropping. This beautiful beer baby was born of two of our first-ever bourbon barrel-aged beers out of Portland: Cosmic Entity and Temple of Silence (hence, Cosmic Silence). It features a robust body with thoroughly delightful notes of chocolate, followed by the oaky character from the bourbon barrels, and finishes with a subtle sweetness that will carry you on a fluffy cloud of magical decadence straight into the new year.

Cosmic Silence


Well, friends, that’s a wrap for 2020 special releases. The presale will be LIVE tomorrow at 10AM online. Please note that because of the holiday, the pickup week is a little wonky. All Locations will be closed on Christmas Day, so if you normally grab your beers on Friday, the first day to collect will be Saturday the 26th. Please double-check hours before you head out, and as always, feel free to hit with any questions. This year has been a wild ride (to say the least), and we’re forever grateful for our friends’ continued elegance, support, and generosity. Cheers!