In addition to being in the midst of one of the craziest, most difficult eras to navigate in recent memory, a lot has been going down for MT. As of this very moment, we are up to EIGHT locations on the West Coast, including one MANY years in the making (*cough* Anaheim), with distribution in TEN states. It’s a glorious, magical beverage empire, and it’s a lot to keep track of as a guest. Ergo, We’re here to break it down for you, location-by-location, south to north, with all the important stats, fun facts, & need-to-knows.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As previously mentioned, we are experiencing a global pandemic, which means social distancing is enforced at every location. While indoor/al fresco mandates may vary county-to-county & state-to-state, we are dedicated to the health & safety of our employees & patrons across the board. Please check out & abide the rules & guidelines if you’re planning to swing by, and be excellent to each other.



We’ll kick off this tour with our San Diego mothership. Located in Point Loma and known for its Post-It mural, our flagship brick-and-mortar boasts 32 taps, and is home to our coffee roastery, a full Mini Mart, and exquisite patio for al fresco revelry. Hours of operation are Wednesday through Sunday 12PM-8PM for to-go or on-premise* indoor & outdoor beveragery (we have food vendors conveniently situated on the patio). 

*State guidelines mandate that we cannot serve beer without food at this location. Ergo, if a food vendor cancels on us (which rarely happens, but happens), we have to switch to to-go-only for the day. Please feel free to check our social media or call us before visiting if you want to be extra sure.

Lomaland MT Point Loma



Our second San Diego location is a perfect little MT haven in the heart of North Park. We have 20 taps pouring all manners of delicious liquid beveragery at any given time. In addition to the aforementioned array of drinkable miracles, you may also procure tasty coffee & swanky merch at the Dome Wednesday,Thursday, Sunday 12PM-8PM and Friday & Saturday 12PM-10PM for socially distanced on-premise beveragery & to-go offerings.

Another bonus: there’s an abundance of patio space where you can get tasty noms brought over from our noodle-slinging neighbors for a full gastronomical experience. 

Flavordome MT North Park



Our North County outpost of culinary and libational magic features a full menu of staggeringly delicious plant-based cuisine and over 30 taps of mind-bendingly yummy beer. It’s an elegant den of leisure and merriment that makes downtown Encinitas radder than it already is--which is no small feat. This vortex of excellent vibes also has a full mini-mart where you can buy coffee, beer to-go, & a host of sexy MT gear. You can swing by any day of the week 12PM-8PM to have a beer and some bites at our place, or grab noms & bevs to-go.

Far West Lounge MT Encinitas



Part brewery, part restaurant, part swim club, part botanical wonderland, our Anaheim hotspot catapults each guest through the stratosphere of luxury and into a dimension of epic & abiding chillness. Prepare to set sail on a sprawling, 33,000-square-foot party-cruiser (equipped with over 70 taps) that includes a full-scale production brewery surrounded by a breathtaking beer garden, a swanky pool area, multi-story outdoor seating, a beautifully renovated historic 3-story craftsman home, & a dizzying array of palate-enchanting delights (including wine, slushies, coffee, & plant-based noms). Seriously, we went HAM on this place, & would love nothing more than to have you over Monday-Friday 11AM-10PM and Saturday & Sunday 10AM-10PM to have a beer in the garden, or to snag stuff to-go.

Leisuretown MT Anaheim



Our downtown Los Angeles pilot brewery hosts over 30 taps of our delicious beer, plus merch, coffee, and beer to-go. While we fully unleashed the power of our design team on this incredible historic space, our lack of outdoor seating has limited us to only facilitating to-go orders Wednesday-Sunday 11AM-7PM. This being the case, many of our L.A.-based employee-owners have been furloughed. It’s an all-around tough situation, but if you can afford to be generous, we’re accepting tips on their behalf on to-go orders, as well as online here (100% is divided evenly amongst our furloughed staff).

Dankness Dojo MT Los Angeles



The apex of luxurious social experiences, our Santa Barbara pleasure-dome is a wall-to-wall bonanza of face-melting party magic, complete with State Street's largest outdoor patio (which is pretty great, given the current circumstances). Equipped with over 30 taps, a stunning array of boundary-pushing plant-based cuisine, full mini mart, & a visual feast of mind-bending installation art, you can drop by 12PM-8PM on Mondays & Wednesdays (CLOSED TUESDAY), 12PM-10PM on Thursdays & Fridays, 11AM-10PM on Saturdays, & 11AM-8PM on Sundays for socially distanced on-premise consumption & to-go offerings.

Academy of Recreational Sciences MT Santa Barbara



Our Bay Area nexus of flavorcraft is an eye-popping psychedelic playground of adult beverages, caffeinated marvels, mind-bending artwork, and some of the sexiest merchandise ever beheld by mortal eyes. Prepare your taste-receptors for 34 taps of unimaginably delicious beers, including seasonals, year-rounds, one-offs, and rare special release magic that’s going to knock your socks off. If you’re in Oakland, feel free to stop in Wednesday & Thursday 3PM-7:30PM, Friday 3PM-8:30PM, Saturday 1PM-8:30PM, and Sunday 1PM-7:30PM for socially distanced on-premise beveragery.

House of Perpetual Refreshment MT Oakland



Our bastion of flavor-sorcery in the Pacific Northwest is located in one of Portland's raddest neighborhoods. This culinary wonderland brews & serves a lineup (70+ taps) of fan favorites, rarities, and experimental offerings, and offers a menu of mind-bendingly tasty vegan cuisine (also available to-go) a well as tons of beer & merch. Whether you’re looking to have a rooftop refreshment, or you’re down to grab a bite, you can come by 12PM-8PM (CLOSED TUESDAYS) for on-site consumption & to-go stuff.

Belmont Fermentorium MT Portland



If you haven't stayed completely abreast of where you can find our beverages, fret not. We've totally updated our map of distributors on our website, so no matter where you reside within the MT realm, you can create an acquisition gameplan. ALSO, our coffee realm is expanding! Cans of our impossibly delicious cold brew are totally available at Sprouts (nationally), Whole Foods (SoCal & Arizona), Raley's/Nob Hill/Bel Air (California & Nevada), Erewhon, Jimbo's, Lazy Acres, Lassens, Mother's Market, & Co-Opportunity Market. Yep, pretty glorious. As always, if you ever need specifics, feel free to shoot an email to or, depending on what you're after.

MT Distro Update 2020