October Special Release Rundown: Part 1

GREETINGS, LOVED ONES. It's once again time to take your palate on a journey through another glorious special release dreamscape. The first portion of October's killer lineup is jam-packed with highly-potable stunners: collaborative works of haze-craft, a liquid homage to the city where it all began, a tall, biscuity drink of crispy refreshment, stupendous coffee, and OH...Cool Zone. All of these beers will be up for grabs in tomorrow morning’s online presale at 10AM. Without further ado, let us dive into this literary journey of libational exploration (Indiana Jones-style headwear encouraged, but not mandatory).

Welcome to the Cool Zone. This groundbreaking milestone in libational beveragery began with a lot of used (but still crazy delicious) stone fruit, with tons more to give. We opted to use the Flavorcrest & Gold Dust peaches from Masumoto Family Farm & red nectarines from Boldt Farms to infuse a batch of foeder-aged Transit of Venus grisette with extremely juicy, fresh flavor. Then, with help of some de-aerated water, we brought it down to a cool 3.8% ABV and a spritely 100 calories per can. It’s subtle, intensely refreshing, & easy-drinking. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for more iterations in the future.

Cool Zone


Next up: Chronos Cog. It’s October, my dudes, which also means the reappearance of this beloved Oktoberfest lager. This Portland-brewed Munich-style Dunkel utilizes 100% Munich Malt Lager, allowing us to build a delightfully crackery, biscuit malt flavor with a touch of toffee sweetness. That unbelievably tasty maltiness is complemented by gentle notes of herbal spice from the dose of Spalter Select hops in the whirlpool. It's plump & full-bodied; a perfect sessionable lager for a cooler fall day (if that day ever comes). 

Chronos Cog Oct 2020

Let’s move on to Nearly as Fast as Light, a collaborative effort with our very good friends at Portland’s Great Notion Brewing. We slightly updated this already delicious IPA recipe, jam-packing it with Galaxy, Citra (both incognito & cryo), & Centennial hops. Upon first sip, your palate is hit with big tropical notes of mango & pineapple, followed by subtler notes of lime candy & a delightful herbal quality. It’s got a dreamily soft, pillowy body, and boasts a honey-like sweetness that really sings with the citrusy notes, but is immediately balanced out by that pininess one would expect from an old school Portland IPA.

We Love You San Diego! We’d shout it from the rooftops, but we decided to make a beer about it instead. Maybe we’ll do both. The opening of Leisuretown earlier this year was a long-anticipated bookend to a period of rapid, awesome, expansion. What better way to mark such a momentous occasion than to bring it home to where it all began (FUN FACT: Lomaland Fermentorium’s Grand Opening was on September 7th, 2013). This magnificent DIPA is loaded with a masterful blend of Southern Hemisphere beauties & American classics; Vic Secret, Citra & Mosaic. It delivers on everything you’d want from this kind of beer; tropical aromas, notes of passionfruit & mango, juxtaposed by dank, piney undertones. It’s downright comforting, and oh, the can art? Freaking dope. We’d highly recommend zooming in on all the glorious minutiae to get the full effect.

We Love You San Diego DIPA


Now if you look to your left, you’ll see You’re the Best Around. We got together with our dear comrades at Ruse Brewing, headquartered in Portland, for this one. This DIPA was built on a bodacious lager-style body (we used German pilsner malt & unmalted wheat). It was then treated to a dry-hopping with heaping amounts of tropical heavy-hitters; Citra, Nelson, & Motueka. The resulting beer, whose name is inspired by a popular 80’s film (with a seriously great soundtrack) detailing the story of a youth discovering martial arts, has a rad, mango/lychee combo thing going on, with a citrusy, resinous quality that brings the whole thing together. We really harnessed the power of friendship for this beer, which is evident in the finished product.

Our final flavor destination is Altar of the Orc Lord Aged in Bourbon Barrels with Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee & Cocoa. This barleywine powerhouse is straight-up out of control. Here’s the stellar and meticulously-tested blend our Special Projects ninjas settled on:

  • Infinity Gauntlet aged 10 months in 2 varieties of bourbon barrels
  • Infinity Gauntlet aged in oak foeders, then 6 Months in bourbon barrels
  • Oblivion Ring aged 6 Months in bourbon barrels

This batch of Altar of the Orc Lord then received 60 lb (about 2 lb/bbl) of bourbon barrel-aged Tanzania coffee (known for its berry-like sweetness) & 90 lb (about 3 lb/bbl) of Brazilian cacao nibs. It’s the drinkable equivalent of joyriding in your dad’s friend’s Lamborghini for your sweet 16.  

As previously stated, these beers will be available for pre-purchase in tomorrow’s presale, which will be live at 10AM. All the details (including pickup dates & reservation requirements) will go out in the morning via email newsletter, which you can sign up for by clicking the nifty little envelope icon in the top bar up there next to the logo. Our people continue to raise the bar, and your lucky little taste buds get to reap all the delicious rewards. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out via email to info@moderntimesbeer.com. Cheers, friends.