October Special Release Rundown: Part 2

Salutations, beverage fans. If you’re reading this, one can only assume you’re jonesing for some juicy, director’s-cut-type details on all of the liquid marvels included in part 2 of October’s special release presale. When the clock strikes 10 tomorrow morning, a treasure trove of unbelievably choice adult beverages will be released to the general populace online. The aforementioned spectacles of beverage include an idyllic fall cider, a fruitstand's worth of liquid tropical magic, collaborative hop-wizardry, & sour cuvee wonderment. BONUS: We’re including some tidbits on our Please Vote collection, which benefits the League of Women Voters. Yeah, we get it; these insane levels of utter delectability might be overwhelming to some, but luckily you’re you, ready to dive in headfirst.

The first stop on this tour de force is the newest exhibit in cider innovation, Curious Apples: Pink Pearl Edition. This is the second canned variant of this transcendently tasty cider, featuring staggering quantities of some seriously choice Pink Pearl dessert apple juice. Pink Pearl apples are actually pink, and in addition to making a great impression on the eyes, their delightful, sweet-tart-like flavor kills on the palate, making them ideal for baking...and drinking. In liquid form, these glorious fruits create a symphony of fragrant, delightfully effervescent raspberry, rhubarb, & apple that’s juicy, complex, and totally worth a return trip for your mouth.

Pink Pearl Apple
Picture courtesy of Atlas Obscura.


Next up—News From Nowhere: Cuvee Moscatel. News From Nowhere began as a wine barrel-aged Flanders red ale, and has since gone through several metamorphoses, producing a bounty of beautifully complex beer butterflies, the most recent of which is this stunning amalgam of red wine, cognac, & or sherry barrel-aged red sours, all of which spent anywhere from 14-52 months in their corresponding wooden vessels. The next phase of transformation involved this already intensely delicious tapestry of flavors being racked onto Setúbal Moscatel (a Portuguese muscatel known for it’s honey-like sweetness) sherry pipes for four months. The sweetness acquired from the pipes is a perfect partner for the sour funk, creating a beautiful balance of tannins, subtle earthiness, and carmel notes. Get ready to spread your wings & fly, friends.

You know those farmstands you drive past on road trips that you regret not stopping at as you drive past? You’re going to want to pull over for this one: We’re talking about Forbidden Chants: Pineapple, Passionfruit, Tangerine, Lemon, Lime, & Cherry. The second version of our formidable tropical mega-Berliner in this series is inspired by a delightfully boozy tiki cocktail, the Zombie. This beverage is loaded with all manners of tropical fruit, yielding a wonderfully intense bouquet, and at 8%, it drinks like it should come with an umbrella. It’s lush, luxurious, & is the perfect stay-cation libation.

Forbidden Chants: Pineapple, passionfruit, tangerine, lemon, lime, and cherry


Moving into more dank territory, let’s talk Fun with Numbers. We got together with our friends from North Park Beer Company to brew this phenomenal West Coast-style IPA. Our forces converged in Anaheim & laid the foundation with a 100% Pilsner base & a little Carafa III thrown in during the sparge to give it some color. Then, the Mosaic Incognito was added into the fermenter--which threw out some crazy-incredible aromatics--followed by TWO dry-hoppings with Strata, Citra, Mosaic, & Simcoe; once during fermentation and once at cooler temperatures post fermentation. The finished beer pours a brilliant light gold color with a frothy white head. Passion fruit hits you on the nose, and a juicy, lightly piney, tropical fruitiness lays it down on the palate. Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say. 

Fun With Numbers (North Park Beer Co. collab)


The last official entry on October’s roster is Electric Terrain. This lineup was in need of some more dankness. Enter: this hazy juggernaut DIPA, featuring Nelson, Citra, & Enigma. This beer showcases a powerhouse mixture of rolled oats, white wheat malt, & oat malt with a Pilsner base and pinch of Crystal 10 thrown in. The next phase of tantalizing flavor layering entailed throwing some Citra & Nelson hops, plus a smattering of Chinook for bittering, into the whirlpool. The subsequent dry-hop consisted of almost 5 lbs/bbl of Nelson, Citra, & Enigma, producing a mega-dank aroma. The resulting murk-lord is splendidly spicy, with notes of grapefruit, orange peel, & lychee. As Keith, our Head Brewer at Leisuretown, so aptly put it, “Here's a beer, it's hazy, has some pretty cool hops in it, and it's in a can!”. Get some. 

Congratulations, you’ve completed the rundown, but if you’re up for it, here’s a tasty bonus level: PLEASE VOTE! This year is a Presidential Election. It’s been pretty much inescapable, which can be totally overwhelming. In order to encourage our friends to get informed & ready to use their voice when the time comes, our employee-owners came together to form the Please Vote collection, which includes a craze-mazing barrel-aged coffee blend (bourbon barrel-aged Colombia Heriberto & bourbon barrel-aged Mexico Tzeltal-Tzotzil) & super rad sticker (both of which are available online), AND an exceedingly tasty blended IPA (2/3 Elara & 1/3 Orderville), which is available on tap at our spots. A portion of the proceeds from every pint, crowler, sticker, & bag of beans will go to the League of Women Voters, a non-partisan organization that is an invaluable resource during a time where we are constantly bombarded with both information & misinformation. If you opt to check out the Please Vote collection online (which you should totally do, like, right now), you can also make a supplementary donation to the LWV of whatever amount seems right. But seriously people, GET THOSE BALLOTS IN!

PLEASE VOTE collection


That is all. These beers will appear on the October Part 2 presale page tomorrow morning. As always, quantities are limited, so now that you’re armed with the knowledge, we’d be poised & ready to seize what you want at 10AM on the dot (don’t forget to also snag a pickup reservation--in a separate transaction, of course). Beers will be ready for you the Wednesday or Friday following the sale, depending on where you’re planning to scoop them. 2020 may have foiled your regularly scheduled Halloween revelry, but we hope these libational treats will help fill the void. You can totally drink them in costume, if you want. In fact, we’d encourage it.