At Modern Times, we have a motto: Be excellent to each other. This deceptively simple phrase embodies the core values that this company was built on, and in recent times, it means listening, learning, and doing the work. We deeply believe that there is a desperate need for real, meaningful equity for America's oppressed populations, and we continue to work toward increasing our involvement in the critical areas of racial and social justice. On Saturday, Reparations--a nuanced and exorbitantly delicious imperial stout with vanilla, coffee, and ginger that will benefit an outrageously deserving cause--will be up for grabs at 10AM in the online presale. The project was helmed by the Modern Times African-American Employee Resource Group (ERG). Here is their statement regarding this most excellent adult beverage:

“As we begin to look forward to a MUCH more prosperous year in 2021 vs its 2020 counterpart, all of us who make up the African American ERG here at Modern Times are excited to tell you about an important cause that Modern Times will be supporting in a significant way. As some of you may have heard, Great Notion brewed a beer aptly named Reparations recently. It was inspired by the Black is Beautiful Imperial Stout which numerous breweries (including Modern Times in collaboration with Alesmith) decided to brew themselves in show of support to further the messaging of inequalities that exist in America (and the world) presently, particularly impacting the African-American population. Similar in purpose, our Reparations seeks to bring awareness to as well as actively support an initiative exploring how a modern-day reparations package could help take the next step(s) in lifting the African-American community out of the cycle of economic oppression.”

Reparations Beer


As for the beer itself, Reparations is a decadent 11.5% ABV imperial stout featuring generous amounts of Ugandan vanilla, Rwandan coffee beans, and a delightful touch of ginger. All of the profits from this delectable concoction--our goal is $30,000--will be donated to NAARC (National African American Reparations Commission) as they push for restorative justice and political reform. This includes support for the HR-40 bill which seeks to explore and evaluate proposals on how best to implement a reparations package to African-American communities. If you’d like to know more, feel free to check out the Reparations Movement.