Salutations, friends. As time soldiers on, we find ourselves on the verge of witnessing another wave of special release miracles—but moving forward, these writeups will be more highlights than rundowns; we’ll be honing in on some truly delicious standouts from each presale. If you enjoy seeing the full lineup all in one place, don’t worry; we’ll still be including the whole shebang in our email newsletters, which you can sign up for by clicking on that nifty little envelope next to our logo at the top of this page. That being said, January Part 2 truly covers all the flavor bases; decadent, fruity, funky, and crispy. We’ve opted to highlight two beers from opposite ends of that spectrum to give you all an idea of the scope of deliciousness of this drop. Hold on to your hats.

Crisp, freshing, a new classic: Abaddon. This beer was born of a hallowed convergence of the beer magicians at Wayfinder and our Belmont Fermentorium crew. It’s a Helles lager that has quickly become a cornerstone of our crispy boi squad, boasting a solid top-5 position in the hearts of employee-owners & regulars alike. We started with German malts and tossed in conservative amounts of Hallertau Mittelfruh & Perle hops throughout the boil for light bittering & impeccable flavor. This beer, in accordance with the tradition of the style, was naturally carbonated through a process known as "spunding" (the CO2 produced during fermentation is used to make the beer bubbly). After 3 weeks of lagering, the beverage emerged magnificently complex, with a malt profile of fresh bread & honey, light spice, and a delightfully mild floral quality from the hops. It’s exactly as good as you remember it being, because our PDX brew-wizards have artfully and painstakingly fine-tuned this recipe, which, according to our head brewer (Mat Sandoval), is no easy feat.

Abaddon 2021


We’re now teleporting to the opposite pole of the beer world with Doors to Nowhere. This imperial stout stunner boasts a complex malt bill, including 2-row, rolled oats, Simpsons Crystal Extra Dark, crystal T50, melanoidin malt, caraaroma malt, Blackprinz Malt, dark chocolate malt, and pale chocolate malt, with just a touch of D90 candi sugar to create an ultra-rich, surpassingly smooth, chocolate-forward base for the adjuncts to really shine. We recirculated with 0.4 lbs/bbl of Ugandan vanilla, 2 lbs/bbl of our Black House coffee, 2.5 lbs/bbl of freshly toasted almonds, 2.5 lbs/bbl of cocoa nibs, 10 lbs/bbl of toasted shredded coconut, and 5 lbs/bbl of untoasted coconut, making for a straight-up dessert tapestry that’s both uniquely balanced and incredibly intense. Sipping this beast is reminiscent of getting down on a chocolate brownie with marshmallow baked in, topped with coffee-swirl ice cream. It’s a real testament to the Leisuretown team; they’ve dialed things in with these non-barrel-aged stouts without sacrificing a drop of decadence, and we are supremely stoked on the results. 

Doors To Nowhere


Both of these beverage behemoths--along with a bunch of other, equally delectable options--will be on offer Saturday morning at 10AM in the special release presale. Beers will be ready the following Wednesday or Friday, depending on your designated pick-up location, so you have until then to fully prepare your minds, bodies, and souls for the sheer tastiness on the horizon.