Prepare thy bods for MTB Spring Break. With every degree the temperature rises, the number of times we catch ourselves daydreaming about sipping a delicious beverage outside increases exponentially. Order of Hermes and Foamer Pils have reigned supreme over temperate revelry for some time now, so you may recognize these glorious vessels. If you do, you know that they’re virtually guaranteed to serve you well in any leisuretime setting.

The first beer we’re shining our spotlight on is Order of Hermes. We’ve brewed this beloved super-Berliner a handful of times at this point, and this pink-tinged beauty never disappoints. This particular batch, brewed in Portland, is loaded with even more ridiculous amounts of pineapple, passionfruit, and dragon fruit than ever before (44lbs per barrel), making for a deeply quenching beverage that will have you in full vacation mode, beach or no beach.



The second half of this dynamic duo is Foamer Pils. We started with Gambrinus & Weyermann Barke pilsner malts, then our Belmont brew-wizards masterfully hopped it with Tettnang. The resulting pilsner possesses a splendid floral character that’s bright, delicate, & crazy-drinkable. Whether you’re mowing the lawn or lounging by a hidden waterfall in an undisclosed location, this is a seriously solid liquid companion.



BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! We’re unabashedly thrilled to announce that we’re teaming up with a few awesome local haunts to bring you Flavor Buddies; 50% culinary delight, 50% libational wonder, and 1000% delicious. Our buddies will supply the special edible creations and we’ll supply the special release beers, so all you have to do is show up and get down on some of the most heavenly pairings in the known universe. For the program’s debut, we’re joining forces with Tribute Pizza in North Park, Crack Shack in Encinitas, and Dough Exchange in Santa Ana. We’ll have updates on how/when you can secure these goods in the very near future, so definitely keep your eyes peeled whilst scrolling our feed.

These ideal al fresco libations will hit the presale page at 10AM on Saturday, and will be available for pick-up the following Wednesday or Friday. If you’d like to peruse the full lineup, as well as receive a morning-of sale reminder, we’d highly recommend signing up for our email newsletter--just click that nifty little envelope at the top.