We can agree that getting your paws on some brand new special release beers is downright delightful; we can also probably agree that the pick-up reservations have been tricky to navigate...UNTIL NOW. We're implementing an entirely new reservation system and pickup policy, starting today. It's significantly easier to use than the last system, and best of all, reservations are no longer required for pickups. While no longer required, we still highly encourage them; people with reservations will receive priority over those without them.

This new system allows us to be prepared for the day while also allowing for people making spur of the moment trips, which keeps lines moving in a safe and efficient way. Think of it like getting a FastPass at that famed, mouse-worshipping amusement park. We're about to get into it; there is a lot of info below, and all of it is important, so be sure to read carefully (we wouldn't blame you if you had to take a second pass).

Once this system is up and running, reservations can be made from 24 hours to 14 days in advance. DO NOT make reservation until after you make your purchases. If you are unable to make your time, please edit or cancel your reservations ASAP. Yep, moving forward, reservations can be changed or canceled on your own--no more having to send us an email. Please, instead of hoarding multiple time slots, we ask that you simply make any necessary changes your existing reservation; it's the excellent thing to do.

When you make a reservation, simply choose a date and time, then indicate whether you're picking up all of your outstanding orders, or just specific ones. PLEASE NOTE THAT RESERVATIONS ARE HANDLED BY TASTING ROOM MANAGEMENT. For the quickest and most efficient service, message the location-specific email addresses listed on the booking site.



As always, be sure to check all sale confirmation emails and make sure you are making a reservation that is within the deadlines listed. When picking up, it's a good idea to double check your orders before you leave. While it's wonderful that you trust us and our staff, mistakes can happen and we would love to fix them before you leave.

We think you'll find the new system far more intuitive and much easier to navigate and adjust. Just remember--one more time for the people in the balcony: DO NOT make reservation until after you make your purchases.