The 2015 Cup of Dankness Competition!

Modern Times Beer is stoked to announce our first annual Cup of Dankness Freestyle Homebrew Competition on May 23rd, 2015! The winning beer will be brewed to enter into the GABF Pro-Am competition. Beers will be judged by the beer ninjas who work here based on their general deliciousness. We are looking for the best beer of ANY type, regardless of whether it fits a specific style.

On May 28th, the winner and runners-up will be announced at the Lomaland Fermentorium tasting room in an elaborate ceremony that will include a crowning (yes, with a real crown), procession, and very special beers on-tap. Expect maximum dankness. And possibly a mariachi band. 

The Rules:

  • All entries must be from non-commercial/non-professional brewers.
  • All entrants must be 21 years or older. The competition is open to anyone, regardless of homebrew club affiliation. There are no “official club entries”.
  • Two beers may be entered per person. One co-brewer is allowed. Please, no brewing teams of three or more.
  • The homebrewer entrant or entrants must be members of the AHA by the time the brewery registers the entry in the GABF Pro-Am competition (July 2015), as well as when the Pro-Am entry is judged (October 2015).
  • We want the best beer, not the beers that adhere most closely to style guidelines. Judging will be blind and impartial. We are only accepting beer, so no mead, cider, or sake will be judged.
  • Beers may be submitted in three 12 ounce or two 22 ounce bottles. Please do not mark the bottle caps or bottles with any labels, as judging is blind.
  • Entry forms can be found here and should be rubber-banded to the bottle, not glued on.
  • Beer submissions must be dropped off during business hours at the Lomaland Fermentorium (3725 Greenwood Street San Diego, CA 92110) between Monday, April 27th and Monday, May 18th, with NO exceptions.
  • Beers not received by Monday, May 18th will be not be accepted for the competition. 
  • It is not guaranteed that the winning beer will be the exact beer that we make on our brewhouse—e.g., if the winning entry is a barrel-aged sour beer, we will not be able to brew it in time for the Pro-Am. Regardless, the winning brewer will work with us on a recipe.
  • Employees of Modern Times Beer and their family members are not eligible to compete.
  • We cannot guarantee that the winning beer will be accepted in the GABF Pro-Am competition, in part due to the sheer number of breweries entering & the limited number of spots. We will make an honest effort to get it accepted.
  • Winners of the annual Modern Times Cup of Dankness Homebrew Competition are not eligible to compete for 3 competitions after their winning entry e.g., if you win in 2015, the first competition you'd be eligible to enter again would be in 2019.



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