This is the glorious tale of one of the original pillars of dankness on which the Modern Times Multi-verse was built. It’s been a staple in our year-round lineup since 2013; a tried and true bastion of resiny goodness that has melted the brains of beer enthusiasts far and wide. Though its 8-year reign is drawing to an end, Blazing World will be fondly remembered as a unique beer, an amber beauty, a supremely-quenching refreshment, and all-around super solid choice.

The recipe for Blazing World was conjured from the combined brewing magics of our very own Jacob McKean (Founder/CEO) and Mike Tonsmeire (The Mad Fermentationist), with the intent to create a titan that could hold its own in the company of existing behemoths like Alchemist’s “Heady Topper”, Troegs’ "Nugget Nectar", and 3 Floyds’ "Gumballhead", that were--at the time--serious bleeding-edge heavy hitters.

Thus, The Stickiest of the Icky was born—a luxuriously hoppy IPA with a uniquely amber hue, loaded up with intemperate quantities of Nelson, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops, which are some of the fruitiest, dankest hops sweet, sweet money can buy. It boasts a pleasingly dry character and lightly bready malt backbone that form a magnificent platform for its huge, complex hop profile. By cracking a can, you thereby agree to have your flavor ports stormed by an armada of interdimensional taste lords.

Farewell Blazing World


The year following its inception, Blazing World would serve as Tim--our current Director of Brewing Operations’--first solo brew at Modern Times. Tim is not the only thirsty soul Blazing World has welcomed to MT; it’s been a reliably delicious gateway beer for many patrons into the realms of IPA wizardry. However, by the end of 2015, our brewery had grown and now had the capacity to expand its offerings, which meant new trend-setting IPAs (hello, Orderville). Even with a minor recipe tweak (goodbye, midnight wheat), and seriously bangin’ Nelson hops sourced straight from New Zealand’s Freestyle Farms, Blazing World was up against some serious contenders both within and outside MT.

Today, an era is ending. We will be phasing this stunner out gradually, so before you majorly freak out, cans will be around for a little while longer, with its final brew day scheduled for the end of May. This victory lap will take the form of a mixed-pack, which will be available through the summer. While it’s true all good things must come to an end, that doesn’t mean we don’t totally have more good stuff in the pipeline; Dungeon Map, a West Coast IPA and our first ever year-round 12oz 6-pack, is stepping onto the scene, and we’ll be damned if it doesn’t honor Blazing World’s tasty legacy. We understand, you need time to mourn, so stock up while you can, friends, and toast to the rise--and fall--of one of the baddest beers in the game. You will be missed, Blazing World, but never forgotten.