Updates on an Incredibly Difficult Week

A message from our Founder & CEO Jacob McKean:

There's no way to sugar coat this: I have a bunch of bad news for you. I very much wish this were not the case, but this past week has been difficult beyond words. 

Last week we had to do something we’ve been desperately trying to avoid since March: after L.A. County shut down indoor dining, we had no choice but to furlough most of our staff at the Dankness Dojo. And now San Diego County has followed suit by also shutting down indoor eating and drinking, as of midnight last night. Temporary furloughs will likely now extend to some of our co-owners here in San Diego hospitality positions, as well (this is not news to them).

Additionally, on Friday we were informed that an employee-owner here in San Diego tested positive for COVID-19, then we were informed of another positive test last night. Neither person works in a customer-facing position. We immediately informed everyone that had been in close contact with these folks, and we are facilitating rapid testing for all San Diego staff tomorrow. We ordered a professional deep cleaning and sanitization of their workspace, in addition to much additional cleaning by our own crew. We have instituted a slew of additional safety measures across the company, as well. 

All of this is enormously painful for us. And to be utterly transparent with you, new crises are developing faster than we are capable of responding to them with the skill and delicacy they demand. That is personally and professionally agonizing. 

We have been working tirelessly--literally to the point of total exhaustion and burnout and agony--to avoid having to do any furloughs or layoffs. We're immensely proud to have made it this far, but we're absolutely gutted that we couldn't hold out forever. This is a terribly painful situation for everyone at MT, but right now, we are only able to pick among bad options. When that's the case, pain is unavoidable. 

And this pain extends to our fans, too. Many of you have personal relationships with the incredible people who work for us in L.A. and San Diego hospitality. They are literally the face of the company, and we know how much they mean to all of you. During our next online sale, we will offer the opportunity to send a tip to our furloughed staff if that's something you'd like to do; all tips will go directly to them.

And we are all, of course, distraught and frightened by the positive COVID tests. Our concern is first and foremost for the well-being of the employees affected. But we are also acutely aware of how vulnerable all of us are in this situation. It is terribly fraught, and once again, there is no good solution here. 

In essence, there is nothing we can do that does not create additional risk. If we shut down operations so that no one has to leave the house, then we have to stop cutting paychecks and providing health care in the midst of a global pandemic and recession. We cannot pay for things with money we do not have.

So we will continue operating as safely and compassionately as we can. We need and appreciate any support you can give us during this extremely difficult time. It means a lot to us. 

Once again, we appreciate your support, compassion, and empathy during this exceedingly difficult moment. We would not be able to do anything without the support of our fans, and we love you for it. 

Please stay safe out there, and be excellent to each other.