Weekly Update!

So I started sending out weekly updates for our staff (who now number 26!) about the general goings-on of the brewery, and I realized that most of the information in the updates is stuff you all might want to hear. I generally post about all of this stuff on social media, but this is a nice way to condense it in one place. So here goes!

1. Our online sour beer sale is tomorrow!

2. We bottled Red Wine Barrel-Aged Funky Lomaland yesterday! This beer is the same Funky Lomaland that's currently on-tap at the Fermentorium, but it spent over a year funkifying in red wine barrels. We're going to give it a couple of months to continue funkifying in bottles, before releasing it through an online sale. It was fermented with a mix of our house Lomaland Blend, Brett Drei, and Brett C, and it's bottle conditioned with red wine yeast, champagne yeast, and our two house Brett strains: MT1 & MT2. 

3. Our new bottling line showed up yesterday! We're super stoked to get this puppy in action. We're planning to do a 22oz release EVERY MONTH of 2015, so this ungodly expensive piece of equipment is a key part of our plan. Our 2015 22oz release schedule will be posted soon.

4. Our new date coder will be in action shortly (probably later today!) This pricey new machine puts the canning date on the bottom of every single can that comes off the line. It's super helpful for quality control (if something goes wrong, we'll know exactly which batch the beer came from), and for ensuring that you all are getting fresh beer.

5. REMINDER: Our annual Shalomaland Hanukkah Party will be Tuesday, December 16th and the Christmas Fiesta will be Tuesday, December 23rd. We're also planning an awesome New Years' Eve Extravaganza, which will be totally fun! These are all non-ticketed events, and we'd love it if you came!

6. Today we're brewing a full-scale batch of Funky Universal Friend (with Chardonnay must)! The yeast will be a blend of our house Lomaland Blend, Brett Drei, and our MT2 strain. Some of this batch will be going into white wine barrels; the rest will be allowed to funkify in kegs. It'll be at least 6 months before we tap it.

7. It's raining! Please drive SUPER SUPER safe. I want all of our fans to stay in one piece.

Cheers & thanks,
Jacob McKean



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