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Infinite Patience Hazy IPA

If you’re in the mood for an outstanding Hazy IPA, you’re reading the right can. Within it dwells breathtaking notes of passion fruit, blueberry, and citrus over a backbone of delightful dankness, courtesy of massive amounts of Mosaic and Strata hops. It’s a testament to nearly a decade of IPA-crafting experience, and an extremely chill […]

Trend Laser Hazy IPA

We thought it’d be a pretty good idea to load massive amounts of Strata, Vic Secret, & Amarillo hops into this hazy marvel. Turns out, we were totally right. This singularly delicious IPA is pillowy soft, with resounding notes of ripe, juicy peach and tropical fruit. Prepare to be delighted.

Pause for Effect Hazy DIPA

Ready your senses for a king’s ransom of Nelson, Strata, and Mosaic Cryo hops, meticulously packed into a Hazy Double IPA of the highest caliber. Ginormous notes of bright tropical fruit, terpenes, and mango explode across the palate, resulting in feelings of immense satisfaction and a general sense that everything is probably going to turn […]

Big Yikes Hazy DIPA

We crafted this experimental gem of a DIPA with heaps of HBC 586, Citra Cryo, and Mosaic Cryo hops. The result of this lupulin power-trio is akin to descending a blueberry milkshake waterslide and being gently delivered into a ball pit filled with fresh, ripe tangelos. If that doesn’t sound like something you want to […]

Star Jungle Hazy Pilsner

We brewed this delightfully hoppy pils with generous amounts of precious Mosaic & Nelson hops over a delicate & restrained malt backbone. The result is a seriously magical adult beverage that’s both silly-crushable and bursting with beautiful aromas of blueberry, mango, white grape, and lychee underscored by just a hint of malt sweetness. It’s a […]

Fruitlands Sangria Gose

We brewed this luscious rendition of Fruitlands with a bountiful melody of fruits, including grape, blackberry, black currant, orange, and lime. The result is brimming with big fruit, a rich berry medley, and citrus aromas. Prepare yourself for zesty tartness and some serious party punch.

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