Welcome to the February Part 1 special release beer highlight. Feel free to grab something tasty to sip on and settle in somewhere comfy, because we’re about to dive into one of our most versatile--and beloved--masters of funk, Singular Rhythms. This time around, we loaded this delightfully complex sour with citron black tea and grilled lemons, and to say that it’s preposterously delicious would be a gross understatement, so prepare to unravel this flavor tapestry, thread by thread.

singular rhythms: citron black tea & lemon


We began with one of our most OG purveyors of funk, Transit of Venus—a funky rye grisette that often serves as the building block for our sour saisons—with the intention of creating an Arnold Palmer-inspired beverage. However, through the process of layering this hallowed liquid with complexity, our barrel warehouse high priests concluded that it was far more splendid than a 99¢ gas station iced-tea (rumor has it the price may have increased since we were in highschool. We’ll get someone to fact check that). We also planned on calling in “Tee Party”, but some things just aren’t meant to be.

Anyway, after 5 months spent in medium-toast American Oak, the beer was racked onto Citron Black iced tea and a blend of yellow and pink lemons, which our brew-wizards grilled over open flames. This wondrous tea came to us by way of Rare Tea Cellar, and consists of a blend of High Mountain black tea (origin: Anhui, China) with five types of lemon leaves (Australian, Moroccan, Egyptian, and French), plus two types of peels (Egyptian and Japanese). The citrus component of said blend was inspired by the charred, sweet lemon in traditional Portuguese cuisine; a zesty dance of bitter and sweet that mirrors the character of the Citron tea. The result is a beer that’s light on its feet across the palate, skipping from bright citrus, to tart funk, to deep complexity from the oak and tea. It’s an incredibly unique beer in all the right ways, and yet another successful expedition into the frontier of uncharted randess by our Special Projects folks. We’re psyched.

grilled pink and yellow lemons


You’ll be able to secure a bottle of Singular Rhythms: Citron Black Tea & Lemon in the online presale, which will go live on Saturday at 10AM. As previously mentioned, this is a presale, so you’ll be able to collect the goods the following Wednesday or Friday, depending on your designated pickup destination. Hang in there, friends, and stay excellent. 


Salutations, friends. As time soldiers on, we find ourselves on the verge of witnessing another wave of special release miracles—but moving forward, these writeups will be more highlights than rundowns; we’ll be honing in on some truly delicious standouts from each presale. If you enjoy seeing the full lineup all in one place, don’t worry; we’ll still be including the whole shebang in our email newsletters, which you can sign up for by clicking on that nifty little envelope next to our logo at the top of this page. That being said, January Part 2 truly covers all the flavor bases; decadent, fruity, funky, and crispy. We’ve opted to highlight two beers from opposite ends of that spectrum to give you all an idea of the scope of deliciousness of this drop. Hold on to your hats.

Crisp, freshing, a new classic: Abaddon. This beer was born of a hallowed convergence of the beer magicians at Wayfinder and our Belmont Fermentorium crew. It’s a Helles lager that has quickly become a cornerstone of our crispy boi squad, boasting a solid top-5 position in the hearts of employee-owners & regulars alike. We started with German malts and tossed in conservative amounts of Hallertau Mittelfruh & Perle hops throughout the boil for light bittering & impeccable flavor. This beer, in accordance with the tradition of the style, was naturally carbonated through a process known as "spunding" (the CO2 produced during fermentation is used to make the beer bubbly). After 3 weeks of lagering, the beverage emerged magnificently complex, with a malt profile of fresh bread & honey, light spice, and a delightfully mild floral quality from the hops. It’s exactly as good as you remember it being, because our PDX brew-wizards have artfully and painstakingly fine-tuned this recipe, which, according to our head brewer (Mat Sandoval), is no easy feat.

Abaddon 2021


We’re now teleporting to the opposite pole of the beer world with Doors to Nowhere. This imperial stout stunner boasts a complex malt bill, including 2-row, rolled oats, Simpsons Crystal Extra Dark, crystal T50, melanoidin malt, caraaroma malt, Blackprinz Malt, dark chocolate malt, and pale chocolate malt, with just a touch of D90 candi sugar to create an ultra-rich, surpassingly smooth, chocolate-forward base for the adjuncts to really shine. We recirculated with 0.4 lbs/bbl of Ugandan vanilla, 2 lbs/bbl of our Black House coffee, 2.5 lbs/bbl of freshly toasted almonds, 2.5 lbs/bbl of cocoa nibs, 10 lbs/bbl of toasted shredded coconut, and 5 lbs/bbl of untoasted coconut, making for a straight-up dessert tapestry that’s both uniquely balanced and incredibly intense. Sipping this beast is reminiscent of getting down on a chocolate brownie with marshmallow baked in, topped with coffee-swirl ice cream. It’s a real testament to the Leisuretown team; they’ve dialed things in with these non-barrel-aged stouts without sacrificing a drop of decadence, and we are supremely stoked on the results. 

Doors To Nowhere


Both of these beverage behemoths--along with a bunch of other, equally delectable options--will be on offer Saturday morning at 10AM in the special release presale. Beers will be ready the following Wednesday or Friday, depending on your designated pick-up location, so you have until then to fully prepare your minds, bodies, and souls for the sheer tastiness on the horizon. 


Salutations, friends. While we wish we could breathe a collective sigh of relief for the end of 2020 and all her madness, shit is decidedly still hitting the fan. Be that as it may, we have some seriously killer special release beverages to brighten your day, including a truly magnificent funky blond, an ode to Belmont Fermentorium, and a stunning spectacle of IPA wizardry. Let’s dive into the inaugural presale of 2021 (which will be live Saturday morning at 10AM).

Let’s kick off this literary tasting with Sun Myth Aged in Angelica Barrels. This iteration of Sun Myth (you may remember last year’s version), one of our blended blond sours, was aged in Angelica Barrels (a Californian white port wine) for an entire year. This year’s blend started fermentation in stainless steel, and is markedly less acidic than the previous batch, more amply rounded out by the rich oakiness of the port barrels. Don’t get us wrong, it still boasts a delightful lemon-like tartness, complemented by the 654 Gold Dust Peaches (93 lbs/bbl) and 346 Flavorcrest Peaches (50 lbs/bbl--all from the famed Masumoto Farms) we racked this beauty onto. The finished beer is peachy (literally and figuratively), balanced by a wonderful vanilla character born of the barrels. 

We shall now transition into murky territory with Green Futures. This IPA was originally intended to be Portland’s home IPA; brewed at Belmont Fermentorium for the local market. Obviously, it was too tasty not to share with the rest of the Modern Times Megaverse. We wanted to keep it simple; it’s built on a base of pilsner malt & flakes oats, with a Strata-forward hop profile. Don’t let that simplicity fool you; it positively explodes with notes of berries, soft tangerine, lychee  and mango. This IPA was built for sessioning, and in the words of our Commissioner of Flavor, it’s a “nice, fun, delicious beer”. ‘Nuff said.

Green Futures 2021


We’re keeping it short and sweet this time around, so we’ll finish this tour de force with We Love You Portland Portland. We’ve reprised this old favorite in honor of Belmont’s third voyage around the sun, this time kicking everything up with the glorious addition of gobs and gobs of delicious peach puree. We took what we learned from our other forays into fruited realms (ex. The Forbidden Chants series) to bring you what some is calling the best, most innovative fruited DIPA we’ve ever had the pleasure of cranking. It’s just what the haze doctor ordered: stone fruit-forward and bursting with hop-radness (Amarillo, Mosaic, El Dorado, Eureka, & Galaxy radness, specifically).

We Love You Portland (3rd Anniversary)


If you’re planning on having a chill weekend, we think that sounds like a really, really great idea, and humbly encourage adding a trip to the online presale into your self-care routine. Feel free to virtually swing by the presale page anytime after 10AM tomorrow. Stay safe and excellent, compadres. 

December Special Release Rundown: Part 2

The last special release presale of the year is KILLER, you guys. Seriously, we’re going full Emeril Lagasse up in this piece with one final BAM for 2020, A.K.A part 2 of December's special releases. We're garnishing this very interesting year with a sprinkle of extra deliciousness, including rad collabs, new takes on old favorites, IPA magic (like our first-ever IPA 6-pack & a black IPA), and intensely decadent stout magic. Let us commence this tasty last hurrah for a year we shall not soon forget, though we may wish to rather intensely.

First up: Forgotten Landscapes Aged in Madeira Barrels w/ Black Splendor Plums. Each time our special projects peeps breathe new life into this collaborative brew with the folks at Burial Beer Co. (out of Asheville, NC), they seem to raise the already-substantially-high bar. This wonderfully funky saison was born of a blend of California, Oregon, and North Carolina craft malts, which was injected with a blend of mixed cultures, Juice yeast, and Burial house yeast. That concoction was then housed in Madeira (a fortified wine known for its caramel, hazelnut, & orange peel character) for 2 whole years before being racked onto 1200lbs of Black Splendor plums (actually described as “unforgettable” by some growers & known for their tartness) from Sunny Cal Farms. The finished beer is delightfully fruity, sour, and beautifully underscored by toasty, rich notes from the barrels. 

Black Splendor Plums


Get ready to be gobsmacked (in a good way) by Wolfdream. At 6.2%, this incredibly crushable IPA began with a malt bill of  2 Row, white wheat, malted oats, and gentle touch of Golden Naked Oats. Our brew-wizards then opted for the classic hop combo of Citra, Centennial, & Simcoe, creating a titillating balancing act of citrus punch and pleasant, subtle bitterness. This made for an ultra-refreshing haze boi that can go from BBQ companion to fireside sipping at the drop of a hat. It’s also the first IPA we’ve ever packaged in 6-packs of 12oz cans, so that's pretty exciting.

Sooooo, we made a black IPA, and we’re calling it Doomblade. For the uninitiated, this style borrows from the dark & light side of beer, offering the roasty goodness and dark coloring of a maltier brew juxtaposed with the bright, floral, and/or piney hop character typical of your classic IPA. For our take, we loaded this slightly roasted cascadian dark ale with Chinook, Cascade, & Simcoe hops in the boil, Citra & Cascade in the whirlpool, PLUS Citra, Simcoe, & Galaxy in the dry-hop. It boasts an SRM of 75--which falls in the imperial stout range--and pours DARK, but at 6.66% (heh), it’s actually downright refreshing with a massively pleasant hop character.



If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you’ll recognize Neverwhere. For its glorious return, we’ve amped up the hops. Allow us to present: Neverwhere Dry-Hopped with Nelson. Whether you’re looking for a blast from the past or want to learn about the humble beginnings of this liquid delight, we’d advise checking out Mike Tonsmiere’s write up on the matter from back in 2013. This super unique 100% Brett-fermented IPA has a Pilsner base, with some white wheat and carafoam to back it up. We treated it to 1 lbs/bbl of Nelson in the whirlpool, plus another 3 lbs/bbl dry-hopped. It pours a light orange hue with a crispy white head, with tropical aromatics that hit you right in the face. It’s light-bodied with a soft bitterness, pineapple and white wine grape notes up front, then hints of orange, strawberry, lingering mango, and hint of brett funk at the end. It’s just delightful.

We’re shifting into the decadent gear for Central Finite Curve. We teamed up with our dear friends at Bottle Logic Brewing to create some liquid magic. Legend has it, our Anaheim Head Brewer, Keith, sheds a tear every time a can is cracked. The base consists of Simpsons Best Pale Ale Malt, with a menagerie of different supporting malts: flaked oats, caramunich, crystal T50, melanoidin malt, caraaroma, blackprinz, dark chocolate, and pale chocolate malt. We recirculated 80 lbs (about 2.5 lbs/ bbl) of freshly toasted cocoa for 4 days, followed by 150 lbs (about 5 lbs/ bbl) of roasted peanuts for 4 days, AND THEN 600 lbs (about 20 lbs/bbl) of shredded, toasted coconut for 3 days. It pours inky black with a gloriously chocolate-brown head, and greets the lucky drinker with intense aromas of coconut and peanut. Boasting a viscous body with a creamy, velvety mouthfeel and mad candy bar vibes, this is a beer we would seriously advise gifting yourself with this holiday season.

To top off this stupendous end-of-year lineup, we have Cosmic Silence. Our Belmont brew-wizards tried their collective hand at blending, and the results are nothing short of jaw-dropping. This beautiful beer baby was born of two of our first-ever bourbon barrel-aged beers out of Portland: Cosmic Entity and Temple of Silence (hence, Cosmic Silence). It features a robust body with thoroughly delightful notes of chocolate, followed by the oaky character from the bourbon barrels, and finishes with a subtle sweetness that will carry you on a fluffy cloud of magical decadence straight into the new year.

Cosmic Silence


Well, friends, that’s a wrap for 2020 special releases. The presale will be LIVE tomorrow at 10AM online. Please note that because of the holiday, the pickup week is a little wonky. All Locations will be closed on Christmas Day, so if you normally grab your beers on Friday, the first day to collect will be Saturday the 26th. Please double-check hours before you head out, and as always, feel free to hit info@moderntimesbeer.com with any questions. This year has been a wild ride (to say the least), and we’re forever grateful for our friends’ continued elegance, support, and generosity. Cheers!

December Special Release Rundown: Part 1

The first portion of the monumentally delicious December special release beers will officially be up for grabs tomorrow morning at 10AM. Our special projects magicians have reached out into the ether and plucked these hazy, refreshing, funky, barrel-aged, fruited, and caffeinated miracles out of the void for your drinking pleasure. It may be early in the holiday season, but this year more than ever, you deserve to treat yourself to some of the most delicious beveragery in the known universe. PLUS, we have a new & vastly improved reservation system, so getting in on all this deliciousness is easier than ever. Without further ado, let us dive into this month’s pool of liquid splendor. 

Let’s kick off this flavor expedition with a singularly tasty lager, School of Shadows. This elegant black lager is a nod to traditional German brewers of old. It’s got all the roasty character of your typical dark beer, but with the light, refreshing body--and lower ABV--of a lager. We brewed it with the choicest German malts; pilsner, munich I and II, and carafa special III, which gives the beer its dark appearance and subtle coffee note. Unlike last year’s batch, this iteration exclusively features Hallertau Mittelfruh hops, which both stands up to and complements its strong malt profile. The final product is a delicious amalgam of biscuit, toffee, & hazelnut notes that’s pretty ideal for the cooler temperatures we’re experiencing.

School of Shadows


Next up, another spectacle of crispy innovation, Mist Dragon with Riwaka. This insanely tasty beverage began as a collaboration with Humble Sea, based in Santa Cruz. We started things off with a grain bill of pilsner, spelt malt, & flaked oats, laying down the base for a pillowy mouthfeel with that lager finish we all know and love. We then introduced Riwaka (an exceptionally bright, cirtusy New Zealand varietal) and Calista (a fruity and herbal German varietal) into the mix, which resulted in an astoundingly tasty foggy lager sporting zesty notes of kumquat, balanced by peach and passionfruit.  

Mist Dragon w/ Riwaka (Humble Sea collab)

This next one is a cult favorite among our special projects wizards. This iteration of our beloved funky saison, Celestial City, was aged in Stonecutter gin barrels from their craft distillery nestled in the mountains of Vermont. It was a match made in heaven; the base beer set the stage with earthy funk, which melded impeccably with the residual botanical goodness of the gin. After a six-month stay in the barrels, this magical liquid was conditioned on a whopping 700 pounds of Red Roy Nectarines from California’s Boldt Farms. It’s a truly delightful drinking experience that we’re extremely proud to have our name on.

Celestial City Aged in Stonecutter Gine Barrels w/ Nectarines

Speaking of staff favorites, we’re thrilled to announce the return of Blanc on Blanc on Blanc on Blanc. This hazy Double India Pale Ale utilizes Phantasm powder, which is pulverized freeze-dried Sauvignon Blanc Grapes. This groundbreaking grape technology is all the amazing tastiness of Sauv Blanc grapes (uniquely herbaceous, A.K.A the ideal partner for some choice hops), concentrated in glorious dust. We also added Hallertau Blanc hops and a healthy dose of Nelson Sauvin, making for a supreme DIPA that walks the line between a fruity IPA and a soft white wine. 

Blanc on Blanc on Blanc on Blanc 2020

While we’re on the topic of beers that are vastly improved by intermingling with wine, allow us to introduce Flame Visions: Cuvée Moscatel. This presale lineup is definitely not lacking in crazy delicious crossover-types, but this one might just take the cake. We started with a blend of red sours, which then had an extended stay in some freshly emptied Moscatel wine barrels (known for their splendid floral notes of jasmine and honeysuckle & a slight sweetness). The ante was significantly upped when we added a borderline ridiculous 500 pounds of Flavorosa Pluots, yielding a convergence of fruit, funk, and florality that is downright scrumptious.

Ready your grillpiece for a straight-up fruit frenzy: Forbidden Chants with Passion Fruit, Orange, Key Lime, Dragon Fruit, Coconut, and Vanilla. This heavy-hitting mega-Berliner was inspired by the Hurricane cocktail, and is the 3rd edition in this series of extremely fruity beverages. The fruit fiesta is held up by what is now a classic base recipe of pilsner malt, wheat, coconut, and vanilla, which balance the natural acidity of the fruit and make this a truly crushable tropical Berlinner. It’s positively bursting with notes of ripe passion fruit, followed by fresh-squeezed citrus on the palate.

The hazy caboose on this flavor train is Rapid Unplanned Disassembly. This moniker was inspired by an actual scientific term, which basically refers to something blowing up. This murk-lord of a DIPA lives up to its name, absolutely stuffed to the gills with exclusively Mosaic hops, a perfect complement to the base of 2-row and maris otter malts. We also added a touch of white wheat and flaked oats, making for a voluptuously-bodied beer boasting an intensely citrusy profile.

We’re pretty psyched on this lineup, and we’re extremely confident that it stands to vastly improve whatever kind of post-apocalyptic holiday situation you’ve got going on. Thus, we’d highly recommend being ready to snag anything you can’t live without when the sale goes live at 10AM this Saturday.

Beers will go live RIGHT HERE ON THE SALE PAGE.

November Special Release Rundown: Part 2

If you're reading this, it's presale time. As many of our friends gear up to kick off the holiday season with some indulgence next week, we consider it due diligence to inform you all that a cornucopia of inordinately tasty adult beverages will be included in Saturday's special release presale. More specifically, a quartet of collaborative wonders ranging from crispy to lupulin-laden to decadent, all manners of hop-wizardry, and a delectable sour. Yeah, pretty tight. Now, let’s dive into this assuredly tasty pool.

We’ll kick off this literary exploration of delectability with Oat Dunkel. Enegren Brewing of Moorpark, CA paid us a special visit to brew this singularly tasty crispy one. For the uninitiated, “dunkel” means “dark” in German, which aptly describes the hue and caramelized malt flavors characteristic of the style. We did a single decoction mash (for that crispy-dry maltiness associated with German-style lagers) of Weyermann Munich II, with a little bit of Pilsner malt and some Golden Naked Oats for a bodacious body. We also got a little wild and threw in some Carafa II, just to amp up the color. For the bittering hop, we chose aromatic Perle, then we let a 3-week lagering do its work. The finished beer pours a red-tinged dark brown--a stark contrast to its crisp white head of foam--and boasts notes of biscuit, pumpernickel bread, light caramel, with a hint of bitterness balanced by a touch of sweetness.

Oat dunkel 2020


Next, we’re taking a funky little detour: Forgotten Landscapes Aged in Tawny Port Barrels with Nectarines. The second of a whopping four magical works of collaboration included in this release’s lineup, we got together with the fine humans of Burial Brewing out of Asheville, North Carolina for this re-brew. We built this inordinately tasty saison on a base of California, Oregon, & North Carolina craft malts, which was then fermented with an amalgam of Juice yeast and a blend of both MT’s and Burial’s house cultures. For this iteration, we opted to age this saison in tawny port barrels from Napa for a whole year before racking it onto a bunch (3.9 lbs per gallon) of Red Roy nectarines (named for their coloring and known for their sweet acidity) from D.E. Boldt Farms. The resulting beer is astoundingly complex; sweet nuttiness from the barrels is layered with bright, tart funkiness from the cultures and fruit. 

We’ll now foray into the realm of dankness with Double Dry-Hopped Broken Shadows. This beloved brew is back in all its hoppy glory, and then some. This haze beast started with a Crisp Best Ale Malt base, with the addition of a smattering of vienna malt, oat malt, rye malt, flaked oats, and flaked rye. In the whirlpool, we loaded it with equal parts Strata, Galaxy, and Nugget, and then double dry-hopped that already glorious liquid with 6 lbs/bbl of the very same varietals, doubling down on flavor. This murky beauty emerged sporting strong stone fruit on the nose, with notes of mango, peach,  and lychee, underscored by a splendid dankness. It’s also a little spicy and beautifully full-bodied, thanks to the rye and oats. 

Mosaic Timewave Zero is all the dank deliciousness you’d expect from a new iteration of a renowned tasty one, but switched up with Mosaic for this installment. The beer started with a blend of 2 Row and Maris Otter base malts to lay it down for the borderline outrageous amount of Mosaic hops we subsequently added. We didn’t stop there; we also introduced a little Citra and Eureka hops to the dry-hop party, as well. Apart from the obvious dank splendor of this wonderful DIPA, notes of tangerine and mango do a delightful little number across the palate with each sip.

For this next one (New In Town), we circled up with our Anaheim neighbors from Unsung Brewing to produce a DIPA of epic proportions. Extra Pale Premium Pilsner from Weyermann created a solid foundation, rounded out by about 40% of white wheat malt, flaked oats, and a pinch of carafoam. We collectively agreed that this opaque, pale beauty should pack a hop punch, so we used Chinook for bittering, Strata and Citra in the whirlpool, plus an extra heavy dose of 5 lbs/bbl of Strata, Citra, and Nelson. All said and done, this beer has the dank nose you’d anticipate, but drinks like a tropical fruit salad (think notes of pineapple, blood orange, kiwi, and peach), balanced by a hint of bitterness with a gloriously smooth body.

Mosaic Timewave Zero

Our last stop on this tasting journey is a wonderfully decadent bookend: Permanent Expansion. This mega-indulgent pastry stout was made with our buds at an old school Seattle bottle shop that has been killing the game since ‘99. We flipped the script a little on this recipe, starting with 2-row and Munich malts to provide a clean, biscuit-forward base, with a little help from Washington-grown crystal malt, pale chocolate, chocolate, and debittered Carafa III. This truly magical malt bill beer produced a pronounced-yet-balanced caramel-y, roasty character, a perfect canvas on which we used Madagascar Vanilla (a whopping 5lbs of it), hand-toasted Pecans (270 lbs), and coffee (blend of both barrel-aged & regular Guatemalan curated by our coffee ninjas) to paint a glorious flavor piece de resistance. The end result is an extravagant explosion of honey-forward coffee, underscored by a beautiful oaky bouquet and balanced by vanilla sweetness and a rich pecan finish. It’s also visually striking, pouring pitch black with a long-lasting tan head.

Permanent Expansion

This concludes this month’s flavor expedition. Beers will appear on the presale page tomorrow morning at 10AM, and will be ready for pickup the following Wednesday and Friday, depending on your designated scoop-spot (don't forget to snag a reservation). PLEASE NOTE: Due to the national holiday next week, our spots will have adjusted hours, so please familiarize yourself with our hours of operation, and no matter what your holiday plans are, please be excellent and stay safe out there. 

November Special Release Rundown: Part 1

IT IS NOVEMBER; a simple statement of fact that, while we're not sure how, means it's already time for part 1 of this month's special release presale. We get it, there's A LOT going on right now (oh, you know, like the fate of our country being determined), but we'd argue that makes the timing of this lineup of drinkable stunners especially ideal. The aforementioned, truly magnificent bounty of libational miracles will magically appear on the presale page Saturday at 10AM. Let’s get into the rundown.

We’re kicking off November with our insanely delicious Dortmunder lager, Dort. This style, named for its place of origin, was created to quench the thirst of some seriously hard working German coal miners. It’s maltier than your typical pils and normally no less than 5% ABV; a perfectly balanced beverage light enough to be refreshing, yet hearty enough to feel like a real treat after a long day of subterranean labor. Dort features crackery munich malt to produce a full-bodied lager experience, backed up with a heavy dose of Spalter Select hops. This beer is super crisp with a robust, noble aroma, and while we don’t have a ton of mining experience, we’d argue it would really hit the spot after a long day of doing pretty much anything.

Dort (Dortmunder lager 2020)


Next up: Spectralia. This dark sour began with our delicious Flanders-style red base beer, a style that is anchored by its unique cocktail of good bacteria, as well as its time spent in oak. Fittingly, the aforementioned base was aged for 4 months in heavy toast American oak foeders, which we then blended with Batch 1500 (a super-tasty farmhouse ale) aged in red wine barrels for a whopping 40 months (the special projects ninjas settled on a 62/38 split). That stupendous creation was then refermented on a ton (3.5lb/gal) of fresh Robada apricots (known for their reddish blush & easy-out pits) from the agricultural whizzes at Sunny Cal Farms. It’s beautifully complex, bursting with all the stone fruit-goodness you’d expect with astounding depth. 

We teamed once up again with our buddies at New York’s Threes Brewing to make a second batch of our incredible Baltic porter, Chromatic Illusion. We started with a wonderfully biscuity base of  pilsner, Munich type 2, chocolate, pale, white wheat, oak-smoked wheat, and midnight wheat, with three rounds of Hallertau Mittelfruh, adding touches of spicy bitterness. It’s super refreshing--especially for a beer at almost 7% ABV--with a balanced chocolate malt character & a soft touch of smoke on the nose.

Chromatic Illusion (Threes Brewing collab)


Things are about to get hazy up in this piece with Double Dry-Hopped Underworld Dreams. This beloved IPA was among the first of our special release haze-beasts, and has since made several reemergences, each time taking an even tastier form than the last, with this one being no exception. This murklord was built on a bed of malted oats and was loaded with borderline ridiculous amounts of Idaho 7, Mosaic, Simcoe, and Amarillo hops. The final beer is a hazy explosion of ripe pineapple, orangey citrus, and berry notes; an unmitigated sensory experience that will have you pining for more after every sip.

DDH Underworld Dreams IPA


Let us proceed to another dazzling collaborative effort with the mages of Seattle’s Cloudburst Brewing. Together, we concocted a brew built on a blend of the most premium pilsner malts, yeast, & hops, thus the moniker: Premium Blend. For this utterly delectable exploration of pils malt, our aim was to add depth of flavor while maintaining a light, balanced body. Dare we say, we succeeded. We blended our Juice yeast with their house strain, Corporate, in order to achieve the perfect melange of our house flavors. The whole package is tied together with a backing of Columbus cryo, Citra, Strata, and Idaho 7 hops, making for a pineapple-forward beverage with dank, piney undertones on the back of a luxuriously full body.

Premium Blend (Cloudburst collab)

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s time to kick it up a notch. Enter: Tiger Millionaire. This truly formidable TIPA unit is built upon a base of 2 Row, Pilsner, Oat Malt, and Rolled Oats, creating an amazingly smooth dance floor on which Citra & Nelson hops can dance the night away. At a whopping 10.4%, it’s shockingly easy-drinking, packing the tropical punch you’re looking for while also delivering delicate notes of white wine. If your palate is up to the task of taming this haze beast, you’re in for a treat.

Tiger Millionaire TIPA


Decadent doesn't even begin to cover the off-the-charts luxury of this imperial stout quartet. Our special projects ninjas went buckwild on this series of cake-inspired Pharaoh Ascendent imperial dessert stouts. They dreamed up 4 variations for this mixed pack: cocoa & vanilla; cocoa, vanilla, & raspberry; cocoa & pecan; and cocoa & coconut. Whether you feel like playing mixologist and connecting your own definition of liquid elegance, or perform a detailed study of each specimen on its own, prepare to be blown away. 

This concludes the November Part 1 flavor excursion. The presale shall commence tomorrow morning at 10 AM (on the presale page, of course). Pickups will begin the following Wednesday or Friday (depending on where you’re located), and you’ll have a 30-day window to collect your purchases. We hope that these beers will at least slightly counteract the stressful forces of uncertainty swirling around at the moment, and that everyone stays safe & excellent out there.

October Special Release Rundown: Part 2

Salutations, beverage fans. If you’re reading this, one can only assume you’re jonesing for some juicy, director’s-cut-type details on all of the liquid marvels included in part 2 of October’s special release presale. When the clock strikes 10 tomorrow morning, a treasure trove of unbelievably choice adult beverages will be released to the general populace online. The aforementioned spectacles of beverage include an idyllic fall cider, a fruitstand's worth of liquid tropical magic, collaborative hop-wizardry, & sour cuvee wonderment. BONUS: We’re including some tidbits on our Please Vote collection, which benefits the League of Women Voters. Yeah, we get it; these insane levels of utter delectability might be overwhelming to some, but luckily you’re you, ready to dive in headfirst.

The first stop on this tour de force is the newest exhibit in cider innovation, Curious Apples: Pink Pearl Edition. This is the second canned variant of this transcendently tasty cider, featuring staggering quantities of some seriously choice Pink Pearl dessert apple juice. Pink Pearl apples are actually pink, and in addition to making a great impression on the eyes, their delightful, sweet-tart-like flavor kills on the palate, making them ideal for baking...and drinking. In liquid form, these glorious fruits create a symphony of fragrant, delightfully effervescent raspberry, rhubarb, & apple that’s juicy, complex, and totally worth a return trip for your mouth.

Pink Pearl Apple
Picture courtesy of Atlas Obscura.


Next up—News From Nowhere: Cuvee Moscatel. News From Nowhere began as a wine barrel-aged Flanders red ale, and has since gone through several metamorphoses, producing a bounty of beautifully complex beer butterflies, the most recent of which is this stunning amalgam of red wine, cognac, & or sherry barrel-aged red sours, all of which spent anywhere from 14-52 months in their corresponding wooden vessels. The next phase of transformation involved this already intensely delicious tapestry of flavors being racked onto Setúbal Moscatel (a Portuguese muscatel known for it’s honey-like sweetness) sherry pipes for four months. The sweetness acquired from the pipes is a perfect partner for the sour funk, creating a beautiful balance of tannins, subtle earthiness, and carmel notes. Get ready to spread your wings & fly, friends.

You know those farmstands you drive past on road trips that you regret not stopping at as you drive past? You’re going to want to pull over for this one: We’re talking about Forbidden Chants: Pineapple, Passionfruit, Tangerine, Lemon, Lime, & Cherry. The second version of our formidable tropical mega-Berliner in this series is inspired by a delightfully boozy tiki cocktail, the Zombie. This beverage is loaded with all manners of tropical fruit, yielding a wonderfully intense bouquet, and at 8%, it drinks like it should come with an umbrella. It’s lush, luxurious, & is the perfect stay-cation libation.

Forbidden Chants: Pineapple, passionfruit, tangerine, lemon, lime, and cherry


Moving into more dank territory, let’s talk Fun with Numbers. We got together with our friends from North Park Beer Company to brew this phenomenal West Coast-style IPA. Our forces converged in Anaheim & laid the foundation with a 100% Pilsner base & a little Carafa III thrown in during the sparge to give it some color. Then, the Mosaic Incognito was added into the fermenter--which threw out some crazy-incredible aromatics--followed by TWO dry-hoppings with Strata, Citra, Mosaic, & Simcoe; once during fermentation and once at cooler temperatures post fermentation. The finished beer pours a brilliant light gold color with a frothy white head. Passion fruit hits you on the nose, and a juicy, lightly piney, tropical fruitiness lays it down on the palate. Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say. 

Fun With Numbers (North Park Beer Co. collab)


The last official entry on October’s roster is Electric Terrain. This lineup was in need of some more dankness. Enter: this hazy juggernaut DIPA, featuring Nelson, Citra, & Enigma. This beer showcases a powerhouse mixture of rolled oats, white wheat malt, & oat malt with a Pilsner base and pinch of Crystal 10 thrown in. The next phase of tantalizing flavor layering entailed throwing some Citra & Nelson hops, plus a smattering of Chinook for bittering, into the whirlpool. The subsequent dry-hop consisted of almost 5 lbs/bbl of Nelson, Citra, & Enigma, producing a mega-dank aroma. The resulting murk-lord is splendidly spicy, with notes of grapefruit, orange peel, & lychee. As Keith, our Head Brewer at Leisuretown, so aptly put it, “Here's a beer, it's hazy, has some pretty cool hops in it, and it's in a can!”. Get some. 

Congratulations, you’ve completed the rundown, but if you’re up for it, here’s a tasty bonus level: PLEASE VOTE! This year is a Presidential Election. It’s been pretty much inescapable, which can be totally overwhelming. In order to encourage our friends to get informed & ready to use their voice when the time comes, our employee-owners came together to form the Please Vote collection, which includes a craze-mazing barrel-aged coffee blend (bourbon barrel-aged Colombia Heriberto & bourbon barrel-aged Mexico Tzeltal-Tzotzil) & super rad sticker (both of which are available online), AND an exceedingly tasty blended IPA (2/3 Elara & 1/3 Orderville), which is available on tap at our spots. A portion of the proceeds from every pint, crowler, sticker, & bag of beans will go to the League of Women Voters, a non-partisan organization that is an invaluable resource during a time where we are constantly bombarded with both information & misinformation. If you opt to check out the Please Vote collection online (which you should totally do, like, right now), you can also make a supplementary donation to the LWV of whatever amount seems right. But seriously people, GET THOSE BALLOTS IN!

PLEASE VOTE collection


That is all. These beers will appear on the October Part 2 presale page tomorrow morning. As always, quantities are limited, so now that you’re armed with the knowledge, we’d be poised & ready to seize what you want at 10AM on the dot (don’t forget to also snag a pickup reservation--in a separate transaction, of course). Beers will be ready for you the Wednesday or Friday following the sale, depending on where you’re planning to scoop them. 2020 may have foiled your regularly scheduled Halloween revelry, but we hope these libational treats will help fill the void. You can totally drink them in costume, if you want. In fact, we’d encourage it. 

October Special Release Rundown: Part 1

GREETINGS, LOVED ONES. It's once again time to take your palate on a journey through another glorious special release dreamscape. The first portion of October's killer lineup is jam-packed with highly-potable stunners: collaborative works of haze-craft, a liquid homage to the city where it all began, a tall, biscuity drink of crispy refreshment, stupendous coffee, and OH...Cool Zone. All of these beers will be up for grabs in tomorrow morning’s online presale at 10AM. Without further ado, let us dive into this literary journey of libational exploration (Indiana Jones-style headwear encouraged, but not mandatory).

Welcome to the Cool Zone. This groundbreaking milestone in libational beveragery began with a lot of used (but still crazy delicious) stone fruit, with tons more to give. We opted to use the Flavorcrest & Gold Dust peaches from Masumoto Family Farm & red nectarines from Boldt Farms to infuse a batch of foeder-aged Transit of Venus grisette with extremely juicy, fresh flavor. Then, with help of some de-aerated water, we brought it down to a cool 3.8% ABV and a spritely 100 calories per can. It’s subtle, intensely refreshing, & easy-drinking. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for more iterations in the future.

Cool Zone


Next up: Chronos Cog. It’s October, my dudes, which also means the reappearance of this beloved Oktoberfest lager. This Portland-brewed Munich-style Dunkel utilizes 100% Munich Malt Lager, allowing us to build a delightfully crackery, biscuit malt flavor with a touch of toffee sweetness. That unbelievably tasty maltiness is complemented by gentle notes of herbal spice from the dose of Spalter Select hops in the whirlpool. It's plump & full-bodied; a perfect sessionable lager for a cooler fall day (if that day ever comes). 

Chronos Cog Oct 2020

Let’s move on to Nearly as Fast as Light, a collaborative effort with our very good friends at Portland’s Great Notion Brewing. We slightly updated this already delicious IPA recipe, jam-packing it with Galaxy, Citra (both incognito & cryo), & Centennial hops. Upon first sip, your palate is hit with big tropical notes of mango & pineapple, followed by subtler notes of lime candy & a delightful herbal quality. It’s got a dreamily soft, pillowy body, and boasts a honey-like sweetness that really sings with the citrusy notes, but is immediately balanced out by that pininess one would expect from an old school Portland IPA.

We Love You San Diego! We’d shout it from the rooftops, but we decided to make a beer about it instead. Maybe we’ll do both. The opening of Leisuretown earlier this year was a long-anticipated bookend to a period of rapid, awesome, expansion. What better way to mark such a momentous occasion than to bring it home to where it all began (FUN FACT: Lomaland Fermentorium’s Grand Opening was on September 7th, 2013). This magnificent DIPA is loaded with a masterful blend of Southern Hemisphere beauties & American classics; Vic Secret, Citra & Mosaic. It delivers on everything you’d want from this kind of beer; tropical aromas, notes of passionfruit & mango, juxtaposed by dank, piney undertones. It’s downright comforting, and oh, the can art? Freaking dope. We’d highly recommend zooming in on all the glorious minutiae to get the full effect.

We Love You San Diego DIPA


Now if you look to your left, you’ll see You’re the Best Around. We got together with our dear comrades at Ruse Brewing, headquartered in Portland, for this one. This DIPA was built on a bodacious lager-style body (we used German pilsner malt & unmalted wheat). It was then treated to a dry-hopping with heaping amounts of tropical heavy-hitters; Citra, Nelson, & Motueka. The resulting beer, whose name is inspired by a popular 80’s film (with a seriously great soundtrack) detailing the story of a youth discovering martial arts, has a rad, mango/lychee combo thing going on, with a citrusy, resinous quality that brings the whole thing together. We really harnessed the power of friendship for this beer, which is evident in the finished product.

Our final flavor destination is Altar of the Orc Lord Aged in Bourbon Barrels with Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee & Cocoa. This barleywine powerhouse is straight-up out of control. Here’s the stellar and meticulously-tested blend our Special Projects ninjas settled on:

  • Infinity Gauntlet aged 10 months in 2 varieties of bourbon barrels
  • Infinity Gauntlet aged in oak foeders, then 6 Months in bourbon barrels
  • Oblivion Ring aged 6 Months in bourbon barrels

This batch of Altar of the Orc Lord then received 60 lb (about 2 lb/bbl) of bourbon barrel-aged Tanzania coffee (known for its berry-like sweetness) & 90 lb (about 3 lb/bbl) of Brazilian cacao nibs. It’s the drinkable equivalent of joyriding in your dad’s friend’s Lamborghini for your sweet 16.  

As previously stated, these beers will be available for pre-purchase in tomorrow’s presale, which will be live at 10AM. All the details (including pickup dates & reservation requirements) will go out in the morning via email newsletter, which you can sign up for by clicking the nifty little envelope icon in the top bar up there next to the logo. Our people continue to raise the bar, and your lucky little taste buds get to reap all the delicious rewards. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out via email to info@moderntimesbeer.com. Cheers, friends.

September Special Release Rundown: Part 1

What’s up, friends? Something rad & new, that’s what. Moving forward, we’ll be giving a written flavor breakdown for each bimonthly special release sale. While you totally get a brief brief on each offering via the email newsletters, we’re diving deeper here, serving up juicy details, spilling the production tea, and providing bonus tasting notes from brew-wizards, production mavens, righteous collaborators, and the like. A wealth of glorious, otherwise-unknown tidbits await.

We’re kicking this new effort off with part one of September’s kickass lineup. This sale embodies the perfect party playlist: a mix of old school jams, new bangers, & a couple remixes that do their original iterations proud. A few of our heaviest hitters are back this time around, now with some new hop variations, plus another 375mL in the ultra-cool Radix cider series, some Germanic wonders to give us a real taste of fall (eat your heart out, PSL). Pull up a chair, don your fanciest reading spectacles, and get ready for a literary beer tasting.

Let’s start with Tentbier. This seriously well-loved pillar of our crispy program is a collaboration with the supremes at Heater Allen of McMinnville, Oregon, purveyors of some of the finest German & Czech-style beers in the game. This festbier is a cross between a Marzen (traditionally found at Oktoberfest) and a Weizen (a newer, paler beer now common on the Oktoberfest scene), making for a 5% amber golden, lighter-bodied beer that’s still splendidly malty,. You can expect a delightfully dry beer with notes of biscuit & hazelnut, balanced by honeysuckle & allspice. Lisa Allen (the Allen of Heater Allen) swung by Belmont for a little rooftop beer sesh with our PDX Head Brewer, Mat Sandoval, and confirmed that this batch of Tentbier is particularly dope. As Lisa so eloquently put it: “it’s crisp, clean, & easy drinking.”

Tentbier 2020

Next, we’ll move on to Poly-Rythmo with Tettnang. We started this ultimate Italian-style (meaning brewed in the traditional pilsner fashion, but dry-hopped for an extra-bomb aroma profile) refresher with a base of Weyermann Bohemian Pilsner malt, a Czech-grown grain known for imparting complex, full-bodied maltiness, and a sprinkling of Carafoam. We then hopped it with two German varieties, Tettnang & Hallertau Mittelfrüh, on the hot side of things before going in again with a light dry-hopping of more Tettnang. The resulting 5.1% beer is an extremely quaffable yet pleasantly complex, deep gold, and slightly more robust than your average pils, with a lovely biscuity quality underscored by floral notes of jasmine, citrus, black tea, & the slightest hint of fresh-cut grass. It’s a stunning tapestry of all the best lager qualities, but beefed up in the best ways.

poly-rythmo 2020

Now, it’s time to funk things up with Radix: Single Varietal Wickson Cider Aged in Sauvignon Blanc Barrels. Radix was our first ever cider, and to truly respect the beautiful, Oregon-grown apples, we used solely one variety: the Wickson. This magnificent juice was fermented with a collection of our house saison cultures, imparting a delightful funk that complements the tartness of the apples impeccably. This masterful work of cider-craft also spent 7 months in Acacia wood Sauvignon Blanc barrels, which, unlike their oak counterparts, yield floral characteristics, as opposed to a discernable woodiness. After being bottle conditioned with champagne yeast, this cider emerged dry, 8.4%, and delicately effervescent, with notes of pear & peach blossoms, juxtaposed with that familiar funk we know and love.



Let us cross the tracks into dank territory. Sky Party was originally concocted by our PNW brewing badasses to celebrate the Modern Times expansion into the heavens with the opening of our rooftop party destination. This iteration of an already absurdly delicious DIPA is double dry-hopped—but this time, both hoppings were executed on the warm side (verus the typical one-cold-one-warm). The resulting Galaxy Sky Party is an astonishingly well rounded beer; it’s 8% and softer than its predecessors, starting with elegant notes of pear & lychee, followed by bright, citrusy hop character through the middle, and finishing tropical. An all around really, really beautiful beer.

Galaxy Sky Party can art 2020

The next checkpoint on this lupulin-laden trail is a beacon of Nelson radness. Stratos was originally brewed in collaboration with the wonderful humans at Alvarado Street (fun fact: Head Brewer, J.C., started his career slinging craft beer & rotisserie sandwiches here in San Diego before returning home to Monterey). We started off with malted oats, white wheat malt, and a touch or cararuby malt (which adds a unique color), then created a solid Mosaic hop base before loading it with fresh 2020 Nelson. Nelson Dry-Hopped Stratos is 8%, positively exploding with notes of passionfruit & red berry; a bona fide juice bomb of the highest order.

Nelson Dry-Hopped Stratos 2020

The penultimate flavor destination on this special release voyage is Extraordinary Times: West Coast IPA. IT’S CLEAR! At 7.2%, with 4 lbs/bbl of Idaho 7--plus Crystal, Mosaic, & Citra in the whirlpool--on a solid malt foundation of 2-row, Vienna, & Carafoam, this miracle of hop-craft is high carb with fluffy, cloud-like foam retention. It’s tasty in all the ways you’d expect a West Coast IPA would be (scrumptiously resinous & piney), but what’s surprising is the prominent fruit character that starts citrusy and finishes like fresh-sliced pineapple. As Leisuretown’s Production Manager, Brandon Castillo, remarked, “if you like sitting by the pool crankin’ foamers, this beer is for you.”

As we summit this momentous flavor peak, it’s time to experience a new spin on a certified hype-beast: Mosaic Hedge Witch. This legend of murk nobility has reigned supreme in the eyes of MT haze-fiends for some time now, and with all due respect to its original dankness, we’ve shifted the hop-focus from Citra to Mosaic. It’s opaque, golden, and super smooth--almost creamy. It's 9% and smells like a recent farmers’ market fruit haul, with notes of cherry & clementine, and drinks like perfectly ripe peaches and nectarines, with an orange twist. Also contributing to the epic newness of this crowd-pleaser: this batch was brewed in Anaheim. Considering new tank geometry & water chemistry, we’d be very interested to hear your take on this re-re-remix. 

As always, feel free to hit us up via email with any questions, concerns, or profound findings. These beers will be up for grabs in part 1 of the September special release sale, which goes LIVE tomorrow morning (9/5) at 10AM. We are shocked & amazed at the caliber of beers our fantastic special projects ninjas & brew-sorcerers continually conjure, and it gives us a singular pleasure to be able to share them with you all. Stay excellent, friends.