How Much Does It Cost to Start a Brewery?

on Dec 10,2012 - 998 Comments -

In September, I wrote a post for Beerpulse about how I’d raised $1.25 million to start the brewery. Last week, when I asked Modern Times’ Facebook fans for suggestions on my eventual Kickstarter video, a few people were like, “Whoa, whoa, WHOA there, Mr. Moneybags, what do you need a Kickstarter campaign for seeing as you already got all that sweet, sweet money? Eh, Lord Bountiful?”

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Finding My Building: An Absurd Saga

on Nov 14,2012 - 549 Comments -

Finding a building was tortuous. It consumed half-to-three quarters of my time for the last 6 months, and the process was characterized by a seemingly endless series of frustrations. I tried mightily to remain über-zen about the whole thing, but goddamn was that hard.

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How I Raised $1.25 Million to Start My Brewery

on Sep 19,2012 - 804 Comments -

Raising the money necessary to start ModernTimes was, for me, the most daunting element of starting a brewery. I do not personally have anywhere near $1.25 million, and yet that is what I determined it would cost. So how to get that much money without resorting to felonious hijinks?


Well, now that fundraising is over, I can tell you all about it (the SEC requires private offerings to be just that, private). I wrote a blog post for Beerpulse detailing the ins-and-outs of raising this chunk of change, so you can head over there to give it a read.


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